Mathematics The Montessori Way

    MATHEMATCS – THE MONTESSORI WAY                                      Mathematics is a way of looking at the world around us. It is a language for understanding and expressing measurable relationships in our world. The purpose of developing mathematics is to aid the child in acquiring those tools which allow him/her to […]

Introduction to Sensorial

EDUCATING THE SENSES   An overview of the Sensorial Curriculum   ‘In order to develop his senses, a child must have objects in his environment which he can hear and see’ ….Maria Montessori           A young child first perceives his world through his five senses; taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing. All learning […]

Introduction to Culture

    MONTESSORI  CULTURAL SUBJECTS An analysis of the Montessori Curriculum on Culture   The Montessori culture curriculum is one of the most unique aspects of the   Montessori philosophy, giving the children a cutting edge above their contemporaries in the traditional schools. Montessori children are exposed to some aspects of botany, zoology, and geography that […]

Introduction to Practical life

WHY IS MY CHILD ALWAYS CARRYING, WASHING, ROLLING, AND POLISHING?!! – PRACTICAL LIFE ACTIVITIES AND THEIR VITAL ROLE IN CHILD EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT The process, not the product is the point of the activity…encouraging children to think and ‘do’ for themselves.     There are so many benefits to Practical Life activities. These exercises build the […]